Customs clearance services

Компания Logistics ART Industrial - Таможенное оформление

The company «Logistics ART Industrial» will save you from the necessity to spend your precious time for customs clearance services. Our brokers will go through all stages of customs clearance services for you, which are connected with cargo movement across the border or customs regime changes.

We are glad to offer you customs clearance services for export as well as import of goods. In the list of countries, in which we confirm customs clearance for our clients, there are England, Slovakia, Germany, Italy, Poland and other countries.

We will prepare the export declaration EX-1/ABD, CMR-invoice, TIRCarnet, and also transit entry T-1.

With the company «Logistics ART Industrial» you save your time. Trust the customs clearance for professional group – the documentation will be prepared in time and taking into account the legal requirements. You can agree all the necessary terms, turning to our customs clearance specialists.